An Emery Dress For Spring

It feels a bit like I've been hibernating over the past few weeks, I haven't done a lot of sewing and absolutely no blogging at all. What better way to come out of my winter sleep than by sharing a spring dress? This is my first Emery dress and I am pretty pleased with it. When I first made it though it was a  better fit but now has a bit of room both in the tummy and the back so I'll adjust for this next time.

My fabric was bought when I was supposed to be sale shopping in January but this was too lovely to leave behind. The colours look much brighter in real life. It isn't exactly following the plan of making a 'capsule wardrobe' either but it does fit my colour palette and flatters my shape so I am sure I will wear it lots.

Now I just need it to warm up even more out there and I'll be able to start wearing it for real. I have also made a couple of items which fit more into my capsule wardrobe so I'll be sharing those soon. Well happy (almost) spring every one. Zoe xx


  1. such a cute take on the Emery! You're deff right the fabric could not be left on the shelf adn the collar works really well :-)

    1. Thanks! I am really pleased with the contrast collar- I do love a white collar. X

  2. Very cute Zoe! The fabric print is lovely.

  3. I love it! The contrasty white collar is brilliant. Have you managed to get the weather to wear it yet??


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