Patchwork Cushion // Cut and Sew Your Fabric For the Half Square Triangle Cushion

On Friday I went through the steps to make yourself a 'checkerboard' cushion top and today we will go through making a half square triangle cushion top. The cutting and sewing technique I am going to go through is one that is used very often in patch working and quilt making. Just as with the checkerboard, you sew some, then you cut some and then you sew some more to help make your work quicker and easier.

You should have a 'half fat quarter' left of both your fabrics from making your checkerboard top. You will need both of these for this part. Cut each of these 'half fat quarters' into 8 squares that measure 5" by 5". You can make yourself a paper template again if you like and draw around it onto the fabric, or you can just draw your line straight onto the fabric and then cut them out.

 When you have 8 squares of each colour draw a line down the diagonal centre of all the lighter coloured fabric squares on the 'wrong side'. Then put each of these right sides together with a square of the other colour. You might want to pin these in place but you can probably manage without on this occasion.

Then sew a line of straight stitching on either side of this drawn line. The sewn lines should be 1/4 inch away from row drawn line. You might want to draw these lines on first but you can also use the edge of your presser foot as a guide.

Do this with all 8 pairs of squares. Then cut along the drawn line:

When you then open these out you will get your half square triangles:

 You can then press the seam 'to the dark side'. Give them a good press on both sides to make the seam lie nice and flat. You can use these half square triangles in any way you like, try out different arrangements for them, until you are happy with the layout. (You could also make lot's more using this method to make yourself a union flag quilt if you are feeling brave.)

But when you are happy with your arrangement, sew one row at a time together, with right sides together. Then press all these seams. Try and alternate the seam pressing and if you can also press towards the dark side. Then sew all your rows together to make your finished cushion top.

And you have finished another cushion top! Woop! If you have any questions about the steps so far, then just leave a comment and I will try to get back to you. On Friday I will go through how to line these cushion tops so don't forget to come back for that, Zoe xx

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