A Holly Non-Jumpsuit Dress

I love this fabric! I saw it on So-Zo-What-Do-You-Know blog on a holly playsuit way bag in September. Then in January I saw a bolt end at a slightly reduced price at Fabric Godmother and couldn't resist. Once it arrive I kept it in a drawer for a little while unsure what to make with it. But when I saw a holly dress on What Katie Sews I was pretty sure that work well for this fabric. And I think it rocks.

I only finished it after May started, but since my Me-Made-May pledge is to wear a different outfit each day I haven't had much opportunity to wear it. I am therefore having to be a little creative about new ways to make it work.

This dress, in my opinion, is casual enough for everyday. Sure I could dress it up or wear it out if I wanted to but I love a dress that I can wear every day and for me this one wins. If you fancy making one then you'll need a copy of the Holly Jumpsuit pattern from By Hand London and there is a tutorial on their blog here.

I am fairly confident I'll make another one of these soon but I often say that and then get distracted by something else so I won't make any promises this time. I'll give you a roundup of all my Me-Made-May outfits at the end of the month. See you soon. Zoe
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