Two-Tone Denim For A Lovely Laurel

two tone Denim Laurel dress by Collette Patterns

Is it ok that my 18 month old niece was my style inspiration for this dress? Well, whatever, that's who it was ok? She has a super cute tunic, with the two tone denim and raglan sleeves. It's lovely. I figured I could pull off a grown-up version especially since denim is everywhere this season.

The pattern is Laural from Collette patterns. It is actually the third time I have used this pattern. Once with a fabric that it turns out I really don't like so you will probably never see that. The other is a simple white top which I am yet to photograph. I bought the pattern in order to make myself more basics to add to my capsule wardrobe and I'd say this one gets the seal of approval.

two tone Denim Laurel dress by Collette Patterns
The finished dress is one of those items that makes me feel really proud that I can make my own clothes. It didn't require any complicated sewing techniques and the fabric is an easy one to sew with but it is something I know I will wear many times. Here's to having bare legs more and more in the next few months! Zoe x

Charlotte Skirt (and a Crop Top)

Charlotte Skirt from By hand london and a crop top
In case you didn't notice when I posted about my spring floral dress, I am already thinking ahead to spring and summer. Us sewing girls have to think ahead and make items well in advance of the season in which we plan to wear them if we want to finish them in time. So way back at the beginning of January I made myself a Pencil Skirt using the Charlotte Skirt pattern from By Hand London. I bought the printed pattern (I always prefer a pre-printed pattern) but you can now download a pdf version too if you'd rather.

The pencil skirt is a favourite shape of mine, in fact I think it flatters just about any woman on the planet. Since it isn't always the most practical of shapes when you have pre-school kids I made it in a slightly stretchy fabric to give me that little extra freedom of movement. I have actually worn it a few times already although usually more like this:

Charlotte Skirt from By hand london and a crop top
So I don't catch frostbite. I am already finding it a super versatile item so I can definitely give it the 'capsule wardrobe' seal of approval.

The crop top was sort of an accidental make. Do you remember this stripy tee? Well I obviously didn't pre-wash the fabric enough because it shrunk in the wash. Bummer.

Charlotte Skirt from By hand london and a crop top
Now clearly it didn't go straight from a long sleeve, regular length top straight to a short sleeve crop-top just in the washing machine, I did have to put some effort in. I took the hem up to about 2 inches above my belly button and cut the 'not quite full length sleeves' to short sleeves. I also took the top in at the side seems so that you couldn't see straight up it. Not exactly sure how some one would end up in a position where they could do that but it made me feel more comfortable nonetheless. The skirt has had a few outings but the top is yet to be seen in public. I don't quite feel comfortable enough for that yet! Hopefully when it gets hotter (when not if) then I'll be desperate to wear it more. Only then will it too be granted the capsule wardrobe status.

At the moment I am having a bit of a denim day so hopefully I can show you the fruits of my labour soon. Zoe x
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