Me Made May 2015

So it's that time of year when sewing bloggers and home sewists the world over put their handmade wardrobes to the test. If you haven't heard of Me-Made-May before then check out this post here on the So Zo blog for more info. Last year I tried to wear one item of handmade each day, I loved the challenge and I found it extremely useful to figure out what I should sew next. You can read more about my lessons from last year here. Looking back at last year I realise how few of those early garments that I made are still being worn. I have spent quite a bit of time since then trying to focus on a particular style rather than just sewing whatever pops into my mind. I have written about this process in my capsule wardrobe posts. There have been good sides and bad sides to this but I am going to put my capsule wardrobe to the test during May this year. Hopefully by the end of the month I'll have worked out where my new wardrobe gaps are.

So my challenge for this year is to put my capsule wardrobe to the test by wearing a different outfit every day throughout May. I will include RTW knits, underwear, accessories and my chambray shirt but all other items will be handmade. I just had a look and saw that there are currently 385 people signed up for this years challenge so it will be loads of fun.

I'll probably share quite a few pictures of my outfits on instagram (@zoeblofeld) and I will write a round up post once I am done. If you are interested in seeing the garments in my capsule wardrobe so far I am going to list them below, I may also make a few more during the month so come back if you want to see what I am making. Can't wait for May (not long now) Zoe x

Navy Stripe Plantain
Short Sleeved Stripe Plantain (now complete)
Stripe Crop Top
Cherry Mimi Blouse
Gingham Peplum Top
Caroline Shirt
Black T-shirt (not yet completed)

Black 'skinnified' jeans 
Denim Delphine
Denim Circle Skirt
Tartan Circle Skirt
Charlotte Skirt

Two Tone Laurel Dress
Emery Dress
Holly Jumpsuit
Lilou Dress
Stripey Summer Dress
Birds Holly dress (not yet completed)

Denim Skirts and Blogging Habits

Hey everyone. It's been a little while between posts recently around here and that has kind of taken me by surprise. Blogging used to be one of my favourite things about DIY projects, I couldn't wait to finish it so I could get it up on the blog. I am taking a more relaxed approach at the moment and I think it's likely I'll continue this way. I am enjoying posting just occasionally about what I make and I am definitely taking blogging a little less seriously, it'll be quite light hearted, infrequent and more 'look what I made' than 'here is how you can do this' for now. 

I have still been making things though and this skirt was promised a couple of weeks ago here. It's just a simple circle skirt made with some leftover fabric from my two-tone denim dress.

I think I was feeling particularly self-conscious about being photographed on this day though because I don't look at all relaxed in these photos. Well except the one at the top but you can't actually see most of my face in that one, I guess that's why I liked it. I have been getting much more comfortable about having my outfit photos taken but this was just one of those days.

There is little more to say about this skirt so I think I'll just leave it there for now. I am still deciding what I am planning for me-made-may this year but I'll let you know when I do. Zoe x

Sewing Plans and Stash Busting

Over the last few weeks I've been having a sort through all my fabric. I rediscovered quite a few pieces that I bought over the last couple of years but never got round to using. I also found several pieces of half used fabric which I intended to use up but never got round to. I decided that I should take a month making things out of these 'forgotten' fabrics before buying a whole load more that would just sit in the cupboard.

What follows are some of the projects I've started, some I am planning and others that I need some help deciding what to do. Fancy helping me out? Then lets go!

First of all I am re-making my stripy plantain tee, this one that then shrunk in the wash and became this one. Sadly I didn't have enough fabric left for a long sleeve one but was pleased to be able to cut out a short sleeve version. That should be ready soon because it's such a quick pattern to whip up.

I've also been chopping up some old clothes to turn into new ones. The above used to be a black 'body- con' dress which I never ever wear so I have chopped off the top and I'm going to turn it into a simple black skirt. I think it'll look good if a little shorter than I would usually choose.

I've also started a circle skirt made with the lighter denim I used for the sleeves and pockets of this dress. I always intended to make a skirt too so bought enough fabric especially. I love to try and make more than one thing from the same fabric because it saves money in the long run.

Now for a few things I am planning to make but haven't started yet. I made a little dress for my niece out of the above fabric and I have lots left. I am pretty sure I am going to make myself a top (or two) out of it even though it probably isn't my usually style. What do you think? Should I go for something a little more adventurous? I would really like to buy the nettie bodysuit pattern but am reluctant because you can only get a pdf version at the moment (and these drive me mad). This fabric is really stretchy though so I think it would be a good pattern to use.

I also have some black and some white jersey. I think the black would be better as a simple tee or vest but the white is also stretchy enough to make a bodysuit from. I definitely need to make some more basics still so I should really bump these two up the queue. Its more fun to sew with patterned fabric though right? Which brings me to this fabric:

I bought this spotty fabric nearly 2 years ago and still haven't decided what to do with it. When I ordered it I didn't read the description properly and thought it wasn't so sheer and when it arrived I was scared to use it. I think I am probably up to the challenge now though given how much practise I have had in those 24 months but I can't decide what to do with it! Part of me would like to make a really simple vest or tee, maybe a laurel? The other part of me thinks it would make a gorgeous mimi blouse, maybe with a peter pan collar though, but I am not sure! What do you think?

And last to decide upon is this beauty. I bought it on a whim after seeing this playsuit. I love it, I just don't know what to do with it. My options are some narrow leg trousers, a laurel dress, a playsuit, an Anna dress, some kind of top or basically anything else you can think of! Since I love it I really want to make something that I will actually wear out of it but also I want to be able to make all of the above because I like the idea of lots of options. So what do you think about this one? I am open to other ideas here so let me know.

As you can see I have lots I can do without really spending any money so I will probably be busy at least until the end of April and if not through May as well. I am in the process of taking photos of each handmade item currently in my wardrobe so I can see what outfit options I have and make some sense of my growing capsule wardrobe. I'll show you when I am done. See you soon. Zoe x
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