Sewing School // What Would You Like to Learn?

Do you sew yet? Maybe you did a few years ago but haven't even glanced at your sewing machine since. Perhaps you haven't ever turned on a sewing machine and really want to but are nervous about what might happen. I've had a few readers say to me recently that they love the idea of being able to sew but just don't know how to use their sewing machine.  In a few weeks time I am planning on sharing some absolute basic sewing tutorials. The kind of things that most sewers don't even have to think about now when they sew. Before I start sharing these I wanted a bit of feedback from you! It would be really great if you could comment below and answer a few questions for me. (Even if you sew already your feedback would be great).

If you consider yourself a beginner (or before a beginner maybe) what would you like to learn? Once you have learnt how to use the sewing machine what would you want to make? Would you be aiming for something simple like a cushion cover or would you prefer to aim for something larger like a quilt? Or perhaps you want to go all out and aim for your own handmade outfit? Let me know what you would like to work towards and anything you are desperate to find out on the way.

If you have been sewing a while and would place yourself in the intermediate/master of all things sewing category, what did you learn first? Was this a good place to start or in hindsight would you have tried something different? What lessons would you consider to be the most important for an absolute beginner?

If you have anything else to add please just add it in to your comment. Thanks so much. Zoe xx


  1. Hi Zoe. As pretty much a complete beginner, here are the things I would really like to learn:
    Stitches - You hear about top stitching and french seams etc - I have a very basic idea of what this means, and would love to know more (I realise I can read about this!)
    Different feet and needles - when to use when, and for example I really want to know how to make a buttonhole! Scary.
    Thread - I think I have really cheap thread (It seems to have snapped a lot whilst making my quilt) so it would be good to know about thread - are there different types etc?
    I want to make everything - especially things for the children - toys, keepsakes and clothes. I am also interested in dressmaking but I keep seeing people mention that certain patterns have wrong sizes etc, and I feel like it's a whole game I daren't get in to!
    I hope that answers a bit! I probably have a load more questions but will leave it at that for now.

    1. Also, wadding - I think mine is WAY too thick!

    2. Wow Pamela, thats quite a list! Thanks so much for your feedback. I am hoping to cover most of those things so thats great reassurance. I probably won't get onto things like wadding though. What kind do you have? Maybe I could help on here. Let me know. Zoe

  2. Hello! I just discovered your blog after seeing your Mimi blouse over at Tilly's. I learnt to sew when I was quite young, so I don't remember the first thing I made, although I do remember making a simple wrap skirt at school. When I relearnt last year, I made an apron first - there are straight lines and it's not too tricky, but it feels like you've achieved something quite complex, and you get to wear something at the end. Also: no zips, which is a bonus! :)

    1. Oh I love the idea of an apron, that would definitely be a beginner project but you're right it feels quite a big project. Great suggestion, thanks. x


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