Two-Tone Denim For A Lovely Laurel

two tone Denim Laurel dress by Collette Patterns

Is it ok that my 18 month old niece was my style inspiration for this dress? Well, whatever, that's who it was ok? She has a super cute tunic, with the two tone denim and raglan sleeves. It's lovely. I figured I could pull off a grown-up version especially since denim is everywhere this season.

The pattern is Laural from Collette patterns. It is actually the third time I have used this pattern. Once with a fabric that it turns out I really don't like so you will probably never see that. The other is a simple white top which I am yet to photograph. I bought the pattern in order to make myself more basics to add to my capsule wardrobe and I'd say this one gets the seal of approval.

two tone Denim Laurel dress by Collette Patterns
The finished dress is one of those items that makes me feel really proud that I can make my own clothes. It didn't require any complicated sewing techniques and the fabric is an easy one to sew with but it is something I know I will wear many times. Here's to having bare legs more and more in the next few months! Zoe x


  1. Cute dress! And i'm loving the contrast top stitching on your pockets :-). I must ask though how did the dress make up size wise? I have the pattern sitting in the house however i'm kinda put off Colette right now after the Dahlia disaster...

    1. I saw your Dahlia muslin and it did look a bit of a nightmare! For Laurel I cut a straight size 8 and I didn't make any fit adjustments. I tend to do this even though I measure a slightly bigger size at my hips because I prefer dresses slightly more fitted and I am happy with the results. I haven't tried any other Collette Patterns though so I can't compare it to others. I'd say for this pattern as long as you get the top fitting comfortable you're good to go because the rest is meant to fit more loosely. The only thing I am disappointed with is that the bias binding doesn't lie flat at the neck line, but the dress did before I added it so I blame that on my skills and not the pattern. Hope that helps. x

  2. OH, I just love this dress! It's so effortlessly cool, and I love the fact that it was inspired by a toddler.


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