Making Bunting

Obviously this is not a new idea. In fact sometimes it feels like there is so much bunting around that you might get all tangled up in it. That said, I do normally love it. I made this bunting a while ago for my daughters room. It's slightly different to traditional bunting because each flag is a separate flag. I wanted to be able to use it in one place, then maybe make it longer or shorter for somewhere else. Or maybe mix it up with other fabrics to make mismatching bunting (like this). So I made each flag separately and tied them together.

I simply cut two triangles of my fabric and pinned them right sides together. I machine stitched along the two long sides of the triangles. After turning it out the right way I pressed it flat. Then I pinned the open edges in the centre of 1m of pre-made bias binding and stitched it shut.

One flag is so easy to make and can be made with leftovers from other projects so its a fun way to start a bunting collection. Zoe xx

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