Ooo-la-la Its Another Plantain Tee

If you've been following along with my capsule wardrobe series you'll know what I am in need of a few more basic tops. I have already got a stripy plantain tee and a stripy plantain dress (made from the same fabric) but I just couldn't help but make another. Firstly I had some fabric left over so it was basically free. Secondly I love the simplicity of this pattern. Thirdly the pattern is free too so its a totally free top. Winner.

I also fancied looking a little stereotypically french. Well actually that is just a by-product of wearing stripes and red lipstick with my new haircut. I only had it chopped 6 days ago and it already looks like it has grown an inch, my crazy hair.

So any way, there you have it, one more stripy plantain tee. See you next time, Zoe x

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