Planning for Autumn/Winter

Now I know what you're thinking, 'it's still August so Summer isn't over yet!' and I 100% agree. However when you sew most of your own clothes you have to think ahead. If I want my warm clothes to be ready for the cold weather I need to get my skates on and start sewing them soon. So I thought I would share with you a few things I am thinking about making for this coming winter.

As I have said before, I am not going to make things just for the sake of having something to make.  I don't want to waste time or money on clothes unless I actually need them. That said I've wanted to make a coat for a while even though I probably have enough coats so you never know!

When the colder whether approaches I wear trousers much more often. My favourite pair of jeans (that I love) are beginning to disintegrate so I think I've reached the point where making some more is in order. I have been eyeing up the Ginger Jeans pattern from Closet Case Files for a while:

I think these jeans look great and I have only seen good reviews of the pattern so far. I am also tempted by the Ultimate trousers from Sew Over It:

Plus isn't the styling in this photo just the cutest? I am currently undecided between these two patterns and probably wouldn't invest in both in one season. The jeans would be easier to wear and more of a fun sewing challenge but the ultimate trousers are available in a printed pattern, would be easier to make and would definitely help me get my vintage on. What do you think?

My favourite thing about winter wear is wrapping up all warm in layer upon layer of knits. So Snuggly. Problem is - I can't knit. There are a few options open to us non-knitting folk.

The above is Curvy-Sewing-Collectives version of the Jenna Cardigan by Muse Patterns. I am very tempted by this pattern. It has lots of different options for lengths and sleeves so is a pretty versatile pattern and I know I would get lots of wear out of it- especially in Autumn and Winter. I would love to find a pattern somewhere for a big slouchy cardigan too for when the extra cold weather comes- any ideas? I am yet to find one I like though, maybe I'll just have to learn to knit?!?

So as I mentioned above I don't actually need a coat. I have a warm jacket, a waterproof coat and a big fur (fake) coat for the coldest days. But I do think it would be really fun to make a coat! I absolutely adore this coat:

Made by my friend Jacq over at Jacq-Made-It. It is warm, stylish and slightly easier to make than a full on sleeved coat. I think it would look amazing with a pair of black Ginger jeans right? Another (slightly more tricky) coat I have my eye on is the Cascade Duffle coat from Grainline Studios:

Super warm and a fun sewing challenge. My biggest concern about this coat though is that I haven't sewn with thicker fabrics like the wools you really need for this type of coat, and they are quite expensive so I would be extremely nervous that I would waste it all on a failed attempt. Eeek.

Dresses and Tops
The Ginger Jeans are not the only pattern from Closest Case Files that tickles my fancy. I also have been about to buy the Nettie Bodysuit pattern about 5 times so far and then thought better of it because I have lots of other things already to sew up. I am pretty sure I will actually go for it though this season because the pattern just has so many variations that I know I would use in the colder weather:

I can just imagine wearing a nice thick knit dress made from this pattern in the autumn and then layering up the bodysuit version in the winter with a cardigan and coat. This pattern is pretty much at the top of my list so there isn't much of a question here.

I am not short of dresses at the moment though so I don't think I'll be buying any other dress patterns for a bit. In terms of other tops I'd like to make myself another caroline shirt, possibly a dark wash chambray and another tartan one?

Finally for skirts, I think its unlikely I'll buy any new skirts patterns this year. In the Autumn winter I think I would like to make another pencil skirt, (possibly in houndstooth) and I have the Charlotte skirt pattern from By Hand London for that. I also have a very large ladies leather jacket that I am going to try and make into an A-line skirt using the Delphine pattern from Love At First Stitch (From Tilly and the Buttons). I find these more structured skirts are much easier to wear when the wind is a-howling!

So I think I have plenty to be getting on with! What are your sewing plans for the next few months? Zoe x


  1. Nice plans! What about the Oslo cardigan from Seamwork magazine? It's fairly slouchy and cosy looking.

    1. That is a brilliant suggestion. It looks good in the different weights of knit fabric so would be easy to make a really comfy cosy one for winter and a lighter one when summer comes. Thanks for the idea. Zoe


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