Dished Up: Rabbit!

When I watch TV cooking shows I find myself confused. I watch 'Come dine with me' and end the show thinking I am the best cook in the world. But then I watch 'Masterchef' decide actually I know nothing about food.

The other thing that Masterchef never fails to do is inspire me to try cooking something new. This time it was rabbit. I found a recipe on BBC Good Food website (I get a lot of recipes from here) for Braised Rabbit Pappardelle and popped to the butcher to pick up a bunny. Any butcher should have rabbits in stock although you may find they are frozen, mine was, so take account for that if you are planning to serve it on a particular day.

The recipe, which you can find here, suggests you get the butcher to joint your rabbit but where's the fun in that? I found this video on YouTube and followed the instructions to cut the rabbit up. It was pretty simple and if I ever want to go on Masterchef, I'll have to know how to do these things, he he he.

It's not a quick recipe so I prepped all the ingredients and braised the rabbit in the early afternoon while I was home. That way I could rush in at half 5 after the tinkers swimming, cook the pasta, reduce the sauce and serve up a hopefully delicious meal at 6. 

After a couple of mouthful the husband complimented me on the delicious meal. It was really tasty! However his eating did slow down when he found out which mammal was on his plate. For me, although the sauce was scrummy, the rabbit was quite dry and tough which was surprising after braising it for an hour. So I wont be rushing out to try rabbit again in a hurry but might have a go at the recipe with some chicken or maybe duck next time. Cassie xx

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