Make a Quick Infinity Scarf

With the weather getting colder by the day around here I found myself needing a few extra scarfs so naturally I made one and it was SO easy. If you have a sewing machine sitting around and have never used it but really want to learn, then this project is for you. Or if you have a metre of fabric left over from something else and just want it to go to good use, then this is a good project for you too. I fell into the second category, my fabric was leftover form making this tunic dress and I liked it so much I wanted to use it. It took me about 15 minutes to make because it's very easy and doesn't require any measuring. All you need is 1m (approx) of fabric, some fabric scissors and a sewing machine.

Take your fabric and cut it in half carefully but it doesn't need to be too precise.

Then put these two pieces right sides together and straight stitch along one of the short sides. Then open out, no need to press, it will have a little more volume if you just leave it as it is.

Then fold it in half lengthways and right sides together and then stitch along the long open edge to make a very long thin tube.

Now you need to turn the tube right side out:

And turn it round to make a circle shape and tuck one end into the other. Try to get them to lie flat together and then you carefully turn over the outside piece to hide the cut end and make a hem. You can pin this if you have pins.

Then you simply stitch along this edge, turn it over, tuck the other side in a stitch again. Its not the neatest finish but its quick and simple and you can hide this round the back any way.

All you need to do now is trim your threads and put it on. Put it over your head, twist it and put it over your head again. You can puff it out a little and your set to take your own infinity scarf selfie:

I need to work on my selfie skills apparently! If you've thinking of starting sewing then why not try this super simple scarf? Zoe xx

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