DIY Scrap Fabric Tape

Sometimes I just can't bare to throw away my fabric scraps, even those tiny ones that would be far too small to actually sew with. This little project is an easy way to use up all those teeny little bits and make something useful with those too. Plus it's dead easy.

What you need:
Fabric scraps of any size
Scissors (can be normal paper scissors)
Double sided tape

What you do:
Simple cut some strips of double sided tape slightly shorter than your fabric scrap. Then stick them down next to each other onto the fabric.

Then use your scissors to cut them up into strips. You can use them straight away by peeling off the paper back or you can store them away for another day if you aren't ready to start wrapping.

These are pretty sticky so can hold the paper around a present but they don't last as well as washi-tape so sadly you can't use them to decorate with. They're good fun though and make your presents look pretty. Have fun, Zoe xx

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