Gingham Peplum (and my thoughts on Love at First Stitch)

I have done quite a bit of sewing over the last few weeks and one thing I am particularly proud of is my gingham peplum. I know I am a pit late to the peplum game (like 2 years) but the shape is just so flattering that who cares if it's on its way out. I was tempted to make a crop top to keep up a bit but if I am honest I know I would never wear it.

I am also wearing my brigitte scarf which I made to help Tilly (of Tilly and the Buttons) celebrate the launch of her book. Which I am very excited about:

This book is a beginners guide to sewing which teaches sewing techniques through projects. The first project in the book is the Brigitte scarf and as you work your way through the book each project introduces new techniques. It is a lovely book for beginners but it also includes 5 pull out patterns for the more complex garments so its a great book for a 'more than a beginner but not quite a pro' like me too. I am part way through the 'Mimi Blouse' at the moment and it is challenging me, so it is more than just a total beginners guide.

But the instructions are very clear so it really is suitable for someone who has never even turned on a sewing machine before. There are step by step tutorials for each garment but also guides to what to buy and how to shop for it. What is more, its absolutely beautiful. Clearly Tilly and the producers of the book have worked hard to make it aesthetically pleasing as well as useful. I am really looking forward to making more of the projects. If you want to learn to sew its great place to start.

You can read more about Tilly's book here. Plus next week I am going to go through how I made this peplum top. Zoe x

(PS here is the tutorial for the peplum)

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  1. I happened to bump into a picture of you wearing your gingham peplum shirt while Googling. Looks like a well-fitting make! Funny enough, I just completed a similar kind of shirt. :) (

    I'm thinking of buying Tilly's book too 'cause it's full of patterns to suit my style.


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