A Simple Stripey Summer Dress (Just As Autumn is About to Arrive)

This past weekend we had a weekend camping near the beach, at the end of last week I was frantically sewing to try and finish off this summer dress. I've been planning on making one like it all year but only came across this single knit cotton a few weeks ago, just in time for Autumn of course. I think I need to learn a thing or two about sewing for the right season.

Anyway, I used the plantain tee pattern (it's free to download) and then adapted it to make myself a dress. I wanted the skirt to be circle skirt style but I didn't want to have to sew a waistband. So I just extended the top pattern down into a circle skirt dress:

I just did this free hand, I used the front piece as a template for the back skirt and then after sewing up the side seams, according to the pattern instructions, just trimmed it a little to make it hang straight all the way around.

It was my first attempt at sewing a stretch neck line too and I think I did pretty well:

It isn't quite even all the way around but it lies really flat. Plus you wouldn't have noticed that it wasn't even unless I had pointed it out to you right? Well I am going to keep telling myself that because I am actually really proud of the results. My only regret was not making it earlier in the summer to wear during the really hot weather.

Well at least I made it in time for camping and could wear it for one sunny day at the beach. I'll be sewing a lot more with stretchy fabric though from now on, its much easier than I first thought. More about sewing with stretchy fabric coming later this week. Zoe x

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