Patchwork Cushion // Let's Make a Cushion!

The final step of these cushion is definitely the easiest, and also probably the most useful because you can use it to make any simple cushion (you can find all the other parts here). In fact all the cushions in the above photo are made in this way. So you can make some to match (or not match like mine) to go with your fancy patchwork, ooh la la.

To finish off the cushions I used more white fabric but you can go with anything you like, more patchwork, the same fabric as the front, or go crazy (well within reason) and use something totally different.

Cut yourself two rectangles of your backing fabric, they need to be the same width as your cushion top and several inches longer than half the length. This will mean when you put them on the back of your cushion top they will over lap to make your opening for the cushion pad without showing off the pad when you use them.

You need to 'hem' one of the longer edges of each rectangle. Hemming is a seriously useful technique and you will use it again and again. To hem the long edge, turn your iron on to the hottest heat your fabric can handle, test it first on a bit you won't be using. Then fold over about 1cm, towards the wrong side of your fabric, of this long edge and press it down with you hot iron, then fold it over again 1cm and press again. Pin this down and then sew along the edge of the folds on both backing rectangles:

Then you can put the 'right side' of your backing fabric rectangles onto the right side of your cushion top. You'll need them to overlap with the hemmed edges in the middle like this:

Then you can pit it in place. Now sew a straight seam all the way around the edge, use a 1/2" seam allowance this time, make sure you put you needles down in the corner to turn around and remember to sew a few 'back stitches' at the beginning and end to make it extra strong. Now 'finish' the edges of your fabric with either zig zag stitching or pinking sheers.

Finally turn your cushion cover out the right way through the hole and press the edges. Stuff it with your cushion par and Tada! You make a cushion!

Wow you actually made something with your sewing machine and it looks amazing! Well thanks for sticking with me for this step-by-step sewing project. I hope you have found it helpful. Over the next couple of weeks I will show you a few other things I have been up to and then I am going to go through another step-by-step beginner project to make a skirt. Yipee. Looking forward to it. Zoe xx

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