Tunic Dress

I have been hoping to start dressmaking for some time but have been nervous. I didn't want to spend money on a pattern and fabric and buttons and zips and then the finished product be totally unwearable. So I decided to try and find a free pattern. The problem is most free dress patterns I've found are for children. So I decided to adapt a child's pattern for me. I used this tutorial here.  
I used a non stretch vest top to make the pattern in the same way as in the tutorial. I took over the dining room table to assemble all my equipment.
Then I sewed my socks off and finished super fast. It as a really easy pattern to follow and a great dress to make as a first go. 

The only part I left out was the waste band because I tried my dress on before sewing it in and it fit really well as it was. My button fastening was bright pink 
I was chuffed with the result and now I am obsessed with pinning other dress patterns ready for the next project.

Have you found any good patterns? Or have you adapted anything? I hope so. X
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  1. It looks great and very well sewn! I'm looking forward to see your next dress project :)

    1. Thankyou, I'm really looking forward to making more clothes in the new year so it won't be long before another dress is made. X

  2. This is so beautiful! I can't believe this was your first sewing project? You have real talent at this. Can't wait to see more! Above all: enjoy sewing!

    1. We'll thankyou, not quite my first sewing project ever but it was my first dress. Not made clothes before. X


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