Upcycle: Green Painted Drawers

One of the things you might have spotted in our beroom were these drawers. You may have guessed this but they weren't green when we were given them (another gift from those generous in-laws.) This is what they looked like before:

These are bigger than the drawers I had in my room before and I definitely needed the extra space but I wanted something a little brighter. If you have seen any of my other painted furniture posts then you will know what I do to paint wood but here are my steps in case you missed them. It took 3 simple steps:

1. I washed it with sugar soap solution. and then lightly sanded down the surfaces, just enough to roughen it up so the paint would stick.
2. Painted it with 'leaf' coloured paint from the habitat range, it needed 2 coats.
3. Varnished with clear varnish.

I am now totally in love with painting furniture, I know this is a very simply upcycle but I wanted simplicity in our bedroom. What furniture have you painted? I'd love to see. Zoe xx


  1. Wow, I love these! The colour is so different - it looks ace!

    1. Thanks Tilly, I do love a splash of colour on some wood. X

  2. beautiful!



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