3 Yummy Christmas Recipe Ideas

I know I already said Happy Christmas but I couldn't help but add this post after a delicious family lunch yesterday. My Mum made a BBC Good Food Christmas Pie which is sort of a Christmas staple for us now, it uses up lots of leftovers like turkey and stuffing but also has cranberries to make it sweet. This time the turkey was replaced by chicken as we haven't cooked our turkey yet. I made a wintery Jamies Cranberry Spinach Salad which was pretty delicious too. For pudding Cassie served some of the Hummingbird Bakeries Raspberry Cheesecake Brownie which was also very scrumptious. As you can see we also ate roasted new potatoes, roasted gammon, pigs in blankets and a tomato salad. We had some glitzy rocky road too so the overindulging in food began early this year.

If you are still hunting for recipes to use with some family or friends over Christmas then you can try these out. The Raspberry Cheesecake Brownie would be a good all year pudding too. Have a good one, Zoe xx

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  1. So my mum tells me I am wrong, the recipe uses chicken not turkey! Well enjoy it any way. X


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