My Lessons From Me-Made-May

Me-Made-May has been fun. I have learned so much, and this is the whole point of the challenge so I am pretty pleased I stuck with it. Over the month I have worn most of my handmade items a few times each, I simply haven't sewn enough clothes to wear something different every day at the moment. These are my lessons from this past month:

1. Sewing basics is good, but I need to make more if I want to wear it every day
I have always had in my mind, well since I started sewing clothes, that I didn't just want to make a few fancy dresses and stick them at the back of the wardrobe to be only worn once. I have made an effort to sew clothes that I would wear on a day to day basis. This has been a good choice. I have had plenty of items to wear for my day-to-day having made several tops, skirts and a few casual dresses. I need to keep at it though if I want to wear handmade all the time though because I am now a little bored of wearing the same top 4 times in one month!

2. Find patterns that are both casual and flattering
I much prefer to wear the clothes the have a fitted waistband, they suit me more. I think I didn't really realise this at first though and quite a few of my tops are not so fitted, or bottoms that have too much fabric and make me look too heavy on my hips. They are ok for every day 'mum' outfits but I'd really like to wear something that is both casual and flattering at the same time. This is something to work towards.

3. I hate ironing!
I don't normally iron my clothes, unless I am dressing up for an important occasion any way. Sure I press seams when I need to but that'd totally different. I hate ironing clothes. The trouble is lots of the clothes I have made so far require ironing. Not just when I want to go the extra mile but they need ironing every time I wear them. I need to look into finding fabrics that require less ironing.

4. I need to figure out my preferred colour palette.
Some of my clothes that I have made I love and I wear them regularly regardless of whether its May or not. For example my chambray Elisalex, I love this dress to pieces, its both casual(ish) and flattering and so easy to change the outfit but wearing it with a multitude of different accessories. Others however I am not so keen on. My picnic blanket skirt just doesn't really go with any of my other clothes so I want to work out a colour palette to start sewing with.

5. Taking daily outfit photos is hard!
I really wanted to take outfit photos every day. Not so much so I could share it all but more so I could have a record of what I wore every day. Trouble is I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to photos these days. So taking photos of my outfit every day, therefore a photo of myself every day, was terribly tricky. I gave up halfway through the month because I was just repeating the things I was wearing any way. This is something to work on for next year.

6. I need to make something sparkly
I have done really well making things for every day, but I haven't really made anything for looking fancy in. I need to get on it quick and make myself a party dress.

7. It feels good to wear handmade
There is something to be said for going out wearing something that you have made myself. I feel really proud of myself that I have done this for a whole month. Eventually I want to be able to wear all (or at least mostly) handmade clothes. What could be better than knowing you didn't buy the clothes you wear but you actually made them with your own two hands? Well to me thats a pretty good feeling.

I am looking forward to May next year already. Don't forget to add your suggestions for sewing school. Thanks. Zoe xx


  1. Just found your blog through the me made pinterest board. Cute blog and I love all of your me mades!

  2. Great post! I've only been sewing since February so I didn't have enough to participate but I love your take on the experience.

    1. I was in the position last year, if you work hard maybe you could join in next time?

  3. Oooh, the dress you're wearing on the rock is gorgeous! I love the colour.

    1. Thankyou, you can see more details here: That picture what taken while we went paddling in a river in Scotland, couldn't believe our luck with the weather.


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