Sewing School // What to Expect

So as promised next week is the start of sewing school. I wanted to give you a little introduction so you can see what we are going to be learning and decide if you want to join in. Obviously you can join in at a later date but if you start at the beginning with me then you will be able to comment or tweet me questions so I can help in any areas where you are confused.

For the next 3 weeks I will be posting every Tuesday and Friday to get you started with some sewing lessons. These are my planned topics:

What You Need To Learn To Sew (No Matter How Small Your Budget)
Hello Sewing Machine
Have a Go At Sewing
Follow The Seam: Straight, Curves and Corners
Hello Fabric
Understanding Patterns
Project Ideas For You to Make

After these introductory lessons I will go through 2 step-by-step projects and break it down into really manageable chunks. One will be focused on quilt techniques and the other on an item of clothing. I learned to sew quilts first and I think its a great place to start. They have no complicated sewing techniques and it's relatively easy to make a simple quilt that has a bit of a wow factor. The other project will be geared towards someone hoping to make clothes. Sewing clothes is slightly more complex but I have a very simple project in mind. If a handmade wardrobe is what you are aiming for then this one is for you. Or of course you can join in with both!

After these two projects Sewing School will become a regular feature on Tadpegs. Each time I write a new tutorial for a new sewing technique it will come under the heading 'Sewing School'. So if you have any questions already just leave a comment or you can tweet me (@zoeblofeld). Don't forget to come back on Tuesday for the first installment. Zoe x

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