Tadpegs Birthday!

Happy Birthday Tadpegs!  Today marks the one year anniversary of my very first post. I know that I am probably the only person who is particularly excited about this birthday but you can celebrate along with me but drooling over this pavlova. Nom Nom Nom. My first post included a pavlova picture so I thought it would be an appropriate birthday treat.

I have loved my first year in the blogging world and I have learnt so much! I will share with you my lessons from my first year another time in case you're thinking about starting a blog. I have also learnt so much about so many different crafts. Photography, sewing, crochet, baking and others.

This year has also shown me that my real passion when it comes to craft lies in sewing. Slowly over the last twelve months the focus of this blog has shifted towards being a sewing blog rather than a general handmade blog. From now on you will probably see even more of a focus on sewing. My intention is to have a sewing focus with occasional other posts about topics that also help create a handmade life.

Another thing I need to tell you all is that Cassie has decided to stop writing regularly for Tadpegs (insert sad face here). I love her recipes and I know readers do too but Cassie wants to focus on other things instead of writing. She has a few posts she had been planning for a while that you will see so make sure you come back for those.

One year in to my blogging adventure has left me just as keen we when I first started, I won't be stopping just yet. Keep your eyes pealed for the start of sewing school soon. Now I'm off to eat some pavlova. Zoe xx

P.S For this pavlova I used Jamie Olivers pavlova recipe for my mirangue but halved the quantities, it is foolproof and delicious. The just whipped the cream and added the fruit. x


  1. Yes! I AM planning to start a blog. All tips, however basic or seemingly obvious, gratefully received ; ) Personally I love your handmade blog and enjoy your mix of crafts, though I too mainly sew...and knit, garden, bake. Thanks and happy anniversary! Jen

  2. Congratulations! And that pavlova looks jummy!

  3. That pavlova looks amazing ....I have never made one but keeping meaning to. I have enjoyed looking back through your posts, I really love the clothes you have been making especially the Mimi blouse, it's gorgeous.
    Marianne x


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