Blog Hop Time.

Hi Everyone, today I am excited to be part of a Blog hop. This particular hop has being hopping around for who knows how long. The idea is to answer the questions set to you on a blog post and then nominate one or two bloggers you know of to do the same a week later.  I was nominated by the lovely Jacq of Jacq made it. Today is my turn so without further ado:

Why Do I Write?
For fun of course! Not exactly the fun of writing, but for the fun of having a blog. I love blogging. I love thinking up post ideas; I love taking photographs of what I am making and doing; I love the process of putting together a post; I love publishing a post and sharing it with people and I love being part of an online community of like minded people.

What Am I Working On?
I am currently trying to make myself some skinny jeans. This has been a goal of mine for a little while now and I've been gathering together the required items for a few months but I finally took the plunge and started to cut my fabric last week, I am trying to take it slowly because I REALLY want them to come out right and I have a tendency to rush because I want things to be finished. Obviously I will show you the finished article when they are ready. (Even if they are a total fail I'll show you any way.)

Over the summer we had a new bathroom fitted and we still have LOADS of painting left to do so that is sucking away a large proportion of my normal crafting time. I am so pleased with how it is coming along though so I'll probably show you that too in time.

I also have a very long list of other things I'd like to make. Some that are just waiting for me to start and others that are more just dreams at the moment. So expect to see lot's more sewing projects coming up soon.

How Does It Differ From Others In It's Genre?
This is very difficult question to answer. There are so many craft/sewing/handmade lifestyle blogs out there that I am not sure that many of us can claim to be different to all the others in their genre. But that's ok. I am not aiming to be different, my goal is to be interesting and useful. I try to make each post I write both of these things, sometimes though I forget and end up being only one (or sometimes neither and then I might as well not bother). But if you count me a sewing blogger then I suppose I differ from others because I write about other subjects too, like photography tips and occasional recipes.

How Does My Writing Process Work?
I am a bit of an obsessive planner when it comes to my blog. I have long lists of post idea that I'd like to write and usually I decide the order of posts about a month in advance #GeekForever. Once I know what I am going to write about I then go and make it and take the right photos as I go. Doing it this way around (rather than making something then choosing what to write) helps me made sure I don't miss out important step photographs. It may sound like all the fun of crafting is taken out by being so organised but I get a total kick out of it. If only I could be this organised about cleaning my house. I can't, I hate cleaning.

I hope you have enjoyed this little blog hop. I am nominating not one but two lovely ladies to join the hop next week. Firstly a friend of mine called Ruth who write a lovely handmade blog sharing gluten free recipe ideas and house projects amongst others. My personal favourite is her yellow sofa DIY. I am also nominating Zoe B from HelloZoeB (what could be better than another Zoe B?) the creator of the fabulous Hello Betty Bow.

Thanks so much for reading my blog hop. Zoe x


  1. Thank you for the nomination :)
    Looking forward to seeing those skinny jeans! x


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