High Waisted Skinny Jeans

I actually made myself some jeans! Woop. As I have mention before this has been a goal of mine for some time and I finally finished it. I started looking for some high waisted skinny jeans about 6 months ago. Where ever I looked I could only find some that had a zip fly (I personally like button flies on high waisted trousers) or they cost an arm and a leg and were way out of my budget. I slowly came to the realisation that if I wanted some I was going to have to make them myself.

The trouble was I couldn't find a pattern for high waisted skinny jeans any where. So instead I went on the hunt for a pattern that had a high waist that I could 'skinify' once I have made them. I used the Burdastyle 'Bella' pattern 6011 which I really liked the waist of. I then followed the instructions carefully and just made the legs skinny instead of wide.

The big drawback to this was the pockets. The pockets in the original pattern are pleated to make space for hips and with the loose leg trousers they work perfectly. However on my skinny version they are very gapey and make my hips look huge.

Apart from the pockets I am pleased with how they turned out, they are a good fit around my bottom and down my legs. The denim is 5% lycra but if I were to make some again I probably would up the lycra a little as these are quite restrictive and tricky to get on. They're definitely wearable though (although not in this weather, I was sweating like mad when taking these photos).

When the Autumn/Winter kicks in for real I will be wearing them lots. Admittedly I will probably wear my top untucked to cover the hips up most of the time, so maybe next time I should just stick to normal skinny jeans instead of the high waisted variety!

I have been crazy busy these last few weeks so I'll be posting a little less often over the next couple of months so I can catch up again. You can expect to hear from me 1-2 times a week still though so I won't be too far away. Zoe x

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