Delightful Delphine (From Love At First Stitch)

Time for another make from Love at First Stitch, this time its the Delightful Delphine. I had some fabric left over from my Chambray Elisalex Dress but there wasn't a huge amount so I wasn't sure what to do with it. When I saw that Delphine required only 1m of fabric I thought it would be perfect. I wore it on Sunday as part of OWOP with my Plantain tee. I really liked the combination and I love the shape and style of Delphine. I have my fabric lined up for my second version to make soon.

However, and this a a pretty big however, I am starting to get a little sick of my Chambray fabric. As you can see from these pictures it is VERY crinkly. This is after I ironed it and used LOADS of steam to flatten it as much as possible. Then I put it on and went straight to taking pictures so I didn't get any more creases and it still looks like I just pulled it out of the bottom of a suitcase.

My next Delphine is going to be thicker denim so I can still wear it with almost anything but it will hopefully press nice and flat and hold its shape a little better.

I think I will fold it up and keep it for next summer thought because it is nice and light and very easy to wear. I even used a fun floral for the waistband facing:

So I would call this version a half success, loved the pattern and the fabric looks good but only If I spend half a day pressing out the creases first.

On another note, I have decided to embrace the dorky pose and from now on show you all my makes like this. I call it 'Ta-Dah!'. Zoe x


  1. I love that facing!! I also love how versatile chambray is- your skirt looks great :-)

  2. Thats really cute, I think the Delphine is on my winter makes list, it looks like a good basic.
    Cute facings!

    1. I am all about making basics at the moment. Hopefully then eventually I'll be able to start mixing those in with the 'not-so-basics'. Thanks!

  3. I think you've been really creative to be able to wear just these two items in totally different ways for a whole week.

  4. Ah it's lovely! Especially like the floral facing :) x

  5. I love this version of skirt on you, the belt hooks are cute too.


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