Make a Circle Skirt // Sew the Waistband and Hem

Today is the final part of sewing up a circle skirt. Just need to make a waistband and sew it on, then hem your skirt. You can find the previous sections here and here. Let's start with the waistband.

Measure the size of the un-stretched waistband of the skirt you have made so far and add 5cm to this length. Out of your fabric cut yourself a rectangle that measures 10cm (4 inches) by this length you just calculated. This will be your waistband. Start by sewing the shorter ends right sides together and then pressing open your seam.

You'll now have a big loop of fabric that should be the same size as the waist of the skirt. With the good side of the waistband touching the inside of the skirt, line up your waistband seam with one of your side seams. Pin this in place and then zig zag stitch the waistband to the skirt, as above.

When they are attached together, turn your skirt the right was out. Fold and press the waistband up (as above). Now fold the raw edge of the waistband down over the raw edge of the skirt and then under itself pinning it in place. Now, starting at the side seam, top stitch this down...

 … so that your zigzag stitch goes back and forth over the edge of the waistband. That is it, your waistband is done.

Now to sew the hem. Because the bottom of your skirt is a curved edge you will need to do a really narrow hem. Luckily, since the stretchy fabric won't fray, you don't need to turn the bottom over twice like you normally do on a hem, once will be plenty.

So try on your skirt and check its the right length. If you'd like it a little shorted then carefully trim off however much you need to to make it the right length, keeping it even all the way around. Then take your iron and press the bottom seam up and into the skirt (so wrong sides together) by 1/4inch or half a centimetre. Pin it in place, then sew zigzag topstitching back and forth over the raw edge of the fabric. Start on side seam and sew all the way around until you have hemmed the whole skirt.

And then you have made yourself a skirt! Wowee! This is such a great feeling right there that you will want to go and show it off to every one. Plus circle skirts are, without a doubt, the best for twirling so don't forget to do a big twirl to show off your skills. Happy twirling. Zoe xx

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