The Christmas Bow Ties

When I made the two sparkly dresses I mentioned that I might make some bow ties to match for my sons. Well I only managed to do this on December 23rd so this is the first chance I have had to blog them. They looked really cute on both my boys but the younger son, age 2, took it off after about 30 seconds because it was itching his chin, I can't blame him but it means there is no photo of him actually wearing it. You'll have to accept a photo of my rather dashing older son:

Well I am a little biased but I thought he looked fabulous. I improvised how to make these but it was very similar to the method used for these cat bow ties if you fancy making some yourself. I think I may just make some for our cat next too (or is that a little too far?).

Any way I hope you had a really lovely Christmas and NYE. I'll be back on friday to continue the capsule wardrobe series. See ya later, Zoe x


  1. Those bow-ties are adorable! My sis-in-law actually made a (Star wars-themed) bow tie for my husband for Christmas - so that look works for adults, too! :-)

    1. I think I love that idea. I am certain the boys in my family would too. I've always wanted to use Star Wars fabric but thought I wouldn't actually wear it but now ties is just brilliant. Thankyou. Zoe

  2. Love these! He's looking so festive and dapper!

  3. These are the cutest bow ties I 've ever seen! I want one for me too!


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