10 Favourites From The Summer

It has been nearly three months for me and this blogging malarky and I must say I am rather enjoying it all. As Autumn approaches I am going to give a quick round up of some of my favourite summer time posts. Above you will see the Soduku Blanket I made from crocheted granny squares. We snuggled under this while camping and it already needs a few repairs but I am sure it will be ready for the colder weather.

There is the Crocheted Circle Cushion which I am yet to share how to actually make into a cushion but you can get started on the crochet part while you wait.

If crochet isn't your thing yet (although it really should be, its so therapeutic) then why not try making an Octagons Quilt or even simplify the instructions and make a square patch quilt? This would also be a great one for the winter months and we haven't even started sewing yet so plenty of time to catch up.

To help you get inspired for your first (or later of course) quilting project how about these cute Baby Quilts For A Boy And A Girl?

Or even make yourself a Union Flag Quilt.

But if you're feeling a little more adventurous then why not make a Picnic Blanket Skirt? When I say more adventurous, this is still only stitching in straight lines so I'm not sure it really counts.

You might like to refresh yourself in the last few days, or if we're lucky weeks, of sunshine with some Homemade Lemonade.

This White Chocolate Chip Ice-Cream has also helped keep us cool, but even if the weather does get colder you can always make a blanket or quilt too to balance yourself out right?

This Rocky Road Cheesecake recipe however works whatever the weather.

Or these Marshmallow Glitzies would also go down a treat on a chilly Autumn day. I am looking forward to the Autumn season. There is something lovely about snuggly knitted jumpers, eating cheese toasties and soup (not together, although maybe I will try that?), Autumn leaves and colours and of course the run up to Christmas. Yes thats right, its time to start getting ready for Christmas. Yippee! Zoe xx

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