Crocheted Angry Birds: Blue Bird

As you saw a few weeks ago I have been working on some crocheted angry birds for my eldest son whose birthday is in October. I already shared with you the red bird and today I finished the blue bird. Well actually I made three blue birds because they are only little and quick and also because in the game when you make blue bird fly if you tap the screen he splits into three.

Making this bird if very similar to making the red bird so I won't go through all the instructions. The bird itself is smaller than red bird though so I will write the pattern for this here. So use a DK blue yarn and a 4.0mm crochet hook (english stitch terms used of course.)

Round 1: ch6, ss into first st to form a ring
Round 2: 2 dc into each st (12 total)
Round 3: 2 dc into 1 st, then 1 dc into next rot all the way around (18 total)
Round 4: 2dc into 1 st then 1 dc into next 2 st, rpt all the way around (24 total)
Round 5-8: 1dc into each stitch. After this round stuff your angry bird with wadding (batting) or cotton wool if thats all you have handy.
Round 9: dc 2 st together then 1dc into next 2 (total 18)
Round 10: dc 2 st together then 1 dc into next st (total 12)
Continue to dc two st together until you come to the end.

When you have done this tie in your ends. You can make the tail and the 'hair' in the same way as these instructions and the eyes are again made out of felt. Blue bird in the game has little bags under his eyes so I tried this on one, he didn't look quite how I hoped and then I lost my brown felt somewhere so I didn't do the same with the other two birds but you can if you'd like. Just stitch on two little brown triangles of felt that slightly overlap the eyes.

The nose is also slightly different to red bird. Using your yellow yarn you ch2, then 2 dc into the first ch, then 2 dc into each of these st. then 2 dc into the each of these st. Continue this until you think you cone shapes nose is large enough, I think I did 4 rounds.

When you have done that stitch all the pieces together:

Then make 2 more:

So now you have the red bird and the blue birds complete, next I will make the yellow bird. Have fun. Zoe xx

Update: click here for yellow bird and here for pig and king pig.

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