Make a Crochet Circle Cushion

A few weeks ago I shared with you my pattern for crocheting a circle pattern. Now you could easily use this pattern to make some doilies and just leave them as they are but I wanted to turn mine into a cushion. To to this I first of al put the crochet circle onto some fabric and drew around it the size of circle that I would need for the cushion:

 Then I machine stitched along the drawn line leaving a small space for stuffing the cushion:

I turned the cushion inside out (or outside out). Then I stuffed the cushion with some stuffing I had taken out of an old cushion we no longer use. I then hand stitched the opening shut and hand stitched the crochet to the cushion.

And hey presto a cushion! This will eventually sit on our bed but I have to finish the octagons quilt first. Nearly there though. Zoe xx

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