Rocky Road: Back to Basic

I have mentioned before how I am a little obsessed with Rocky Road (see here). Its the cake I would always choose to eat from a coffee shop, a cake I love to eat because its so deliciously indulgent and the cake I would choose to make if I could only make one kind of cake for the rest of my life. Nom Nom Nom. I have been trying to find my own perfect recipe for Rocky Road and have made several attempts that were a total FAIL. So I went back to the start and looked up Nigellas recipe that can be found here. I have then adapted this very slightly to make them more chocolatey and added some nuts.

I used:
400g Dark Chocolate
125g Soft Butter
3 tbsp Golden Syrup
200g Rich Tea Biscuits
100g Macadamia Nuts (optional or replace with your favourite nuts)
100g Mini Marshmallows
2tsp Icing Sugar

To make these I simply melted the chocolate, butter and syrup in a pan. Once melted I removed three scoops of this and put it aside. I crushed the biscuits and nuts in a bag with a rolling pin until I had some crumbs and some chunks and then mixed with the chocolate mixture. Once all mixed I added the marshmallows and put all this into a baking dish, the chocolate that was set aside was spread over the top. I refrigerated it for a couple of hours, then cut into 20 pieces and sprinkled the icing sugar over the top.

So I am going to play around with this recipe and make further alterations and everytime I land on a good on I will share it with you. Enjoy eating this yummy scrummy (doesn't results in a small tummy) Rocky Road. Zoe xx

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