Snapshot: A Pirate Adventure

One thing I haven't shared much about on this blog is my family life. While I certainly don't want to make this the main theme on the blog I also find there are some things that I have wanted to share just a little bit about so I have decided to start a new feature called 'snapshot'. This feature will occasionally share with you a 'snapshot' into our family life and what we have been up to.

Today we went on a Pirate Adventure. I made a treasure map and hid some treasure at the X marks the spot last night after the children had gone to bed. When they got up this morning I gave them their map, dressed them up like pirates and we all went out on a treasure hunt. Their costumes I made out of some scraps of spotty fabric for the bandanas and red fabric for their sash. With their stripy t-shirts on they looked perfect. On the walk my husband went ahead and put down 'clues' on the way. These clues were arrows made of sticks.

The children had a lovely time. They really enjoyed finding the clues and ran all the way. When we found the treasure (hidden in my parents greenhouse in their garden) they were very excited. 'Real Treasure' they declared!

Then we all gobbled it up together. Yum Yum Yum. What a fun way to spend a family day it was. And they burned lots of energy with all that running too. A day well spent. Zoe xx

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  1. This looks like a fun day out, good idea.


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