How to Make Handmade Business Cards

If you haven't seen already we are excited about going to some craft fairs this year to sell for the first time. It was important to me that people who we meet for the first time might be able to come and have a look at this blog and see what we are up to so I wanted to create some kind of business card. Business card is maybe an exaggeration though really as all I wanted was to share the site address.

I decided making some fun luggage tags out of some scrapbooking card would be perfect. I cut the card  into 4''x2.5'' rectangles, trimmed two corners off, punched a hole which I reinforced and then pulled some string through. Then my husband kindly printed out the words and together we stuck the information on. I could easily add more information to the back if I wanted although they are double sided and the back is patterned too but there is the potential to do this in future.

I can simply tie these onto the brown paper bags we have ready for sale time. I think they look really cute and I hope that people will notice them more than they would a traditional business card. If you would like to see us in action I will be putting details of a couple of fairs we will be selling at on our Facebook page. Zoe xx


  1. This is such a great idea! :) Love it!

    Lovely blog Zoe, congrats!

    1. Thank you, they worked really well at market too because I didn't have to remember to hand them out as they were all tied onto the bags.


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