Have You Ever Tried Night Photography?

Happy Valentines! We had some sparklers left over from bonfire night so I thought it would be fun to get some pics of them.

When taking photos at night its a good idea to use a long shutter speed. The shutter speed for these pics was 10 seconds! I had to have my camera set up on a tripod and get someone else to press the trigger. I was standing ready and when the shot started to take I started moving my sparkler. I just drew a heart shape several times to get the heart photo but just doing it once would have been fine. For the photos below I only traced the words once rather than repeating it several times. Each word was one photo. For each photo I wrote the word in the air, then I had to flip the image on my computer to make the words go the right way around. I then cropped the two words into one photo.

It was good fun. You can take other trick shots like this using torches or glow stick. Or you can take photos of road with lots of traffic and the results look pretty good. Obviously yours don't have to be so lovey dovey, normally mine wouldn't be, but since its a special occasion I though why not? I hope you have fun too, Zoe x

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