Make Your Own Coffee Bags

I love coffee. I'm also a bit of a coffee snob because instant just doesn't cut it. It has to be a proper coffee. To make sure I can always get my coffee fix I thought it was high time I made myself some coffee bags, just like tea bags but for coffee. Even better this DIY is super simple.

What You Need:
1. Coffee filters (I used large ones I bought on eBay)
2. Fresh coffee for filters of cafeteires
3. Sewing machine (or needle and thread)
4. Embroidery thread
5. Scrap of card
6. Double sided tape

What to do:
First cut out a large long rectangle out of a coffee filter. You need it to be twice as long as your finished coffee bag and it will need to be larger than a teabag because it needs to hold more. As a rough guide about 7-8cm by 20cm should be enough:

Then fold your rectangle in half and stitch along the two long sides to form a small pocket. Measure about 1tbsp of your coffee:

Fill up your pocket with the coffee, then sew up the top:

Fold down the top two corners of your pocket:

If you haven't already trim all your loose thread ends. Take a length of embroidery thread and tuck one end into a small fold at the top of your coffee bag and sew it in place:

Then take your scrap of cards, pop a small piece of double sided tape on one side and fold it in half with the tape inside.

Tuck the loose end of your embroidery thread inside before you stick it shut. Then you have made a tasty and pretty coffee bag:

To make your cup of coffee pop your bag into some hot water for about 5 mins. You will probably need to do some dunking to get the coffee flavour to really come through just like you would with a tea bag. Then take your coffee bag out and give it a stir before adding your milk and sugar if you like that sort of thing.

This DIY takes about 5 minutes to make and if you are making several at once you could easily make a months supply. So what are you waiting for? Zoe x


  1. This is a great idea! I have a lovely big cafitiere at home but when I'm at work it's horrid instant coffee. Will need to try these. Jenna x

    1. That's the exact same problem I have. Well not any more! Zoe


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