Photo Friday Update

A quick update before the real Photo Friday (coming later today). Over the past 2 months I have learnt so much about using my camera and taking better photos. I hope you have learned a few things too if you have been following along. I really want to keep learning and keep writing about photography but I have found it restrictive to have to write about it every Friday.

I am going to continue writing about photography and sharing tutorials and tips to help you improve your photographs. However I won't be writing it in the same way any more. I will update my older photography posts to make them into individual tutorials. There won't be a weekly challenge any more and I won't write about it every week. I know a few people who have been joining in so sorry to those of you who have enjoyed the weekly challenge and I hope you will still have fun reading about photography here on Tadpegs.

Come back later today for a post with tips for food photography. It looks mouth wateringly good. Zoe x

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