Indian Stars Quilt

This is the third quilt I ever made, I thought I would share it with you. You can see the first here and some day I will show you the second. I made this one for my mum. She went on a trip to india a few years ago and bought the bright coloured fabric for me to sew up into a quilt. I bought the floral fabrics to help break up the colour a little and to make it large enough for a double quilt.

Each block is a star block, like the large star on the star pinwheel baby quilt I showed you recently. The corners of every block are green so when you put them together it looks like there are green squares in between each star.

For the back I used more floral fabric and plain pink for the binding. I won't be sharing full instructions for this one but if you are thinking of making a quilt and don't know where to start the octagons quilts is a good place to look. Zoe x

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