Sorbetto Top With Peter Pan Collar

Now that I am sewing more of my own clothes I am really hunting for patterns and fabrics that will work day-to-day. I would wear a dress every day if I could because I love wearing dresses but some days this just isn't practical. One pattern I have decided to use is the for the sorbetto top, its FREE to download. I made myself one according to the pattern first but what I really fancied was a top with a peter pan collar. I adapted the pattern to make this top.

The sorbetto top pattern is great for an absolute beginner so you should have a look. I originally was going to share instructions for altering the neckline and adding the peter pan collar but it was a little more complicated than I thought. I ended up having to un-pick it to add an extra dart in the top, then make the collar smaller before sewing it all back together. Maybe I'll make another one another day and I'll share instructions with you then. Zoe x


  1. Love your choice of fabric for this Sorbetto. I'd love to read your collar tute! Jen

  2. Great fabric Zoe! Lovin the peter pan too! ;) x


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