5 Things for Spring

I am so enjoying the spring weather so far. The barbecues (2 so far), the bare legs (occasionally), hanging my washing out to dry (Ok so this makes me sound old) are all things that I have enjoyed so far since it starting getting a little warmer. I wanted to share with you some ideas from the archives that would work for spring to keep you busy. Maybe you could try decorating a flower pot like this triangle one above?

Or you could make some homemade lemonade, its deliciously refreshing and perfect for a sunny day or barbecue.

You could get hold of some old furniture from a second hand shop or car boot (another great thing about spring) and paint it in the garden like I did with our bed frame.

Even though it's sunny it is still chilly some days, but don't despair you could easily sew up a floral scarf to wear for those milder days. This project is very easy and suitable as a first sewing project.

Or if you are a little more advanced in your sewing then you could try making yourself a spring dress, I have made two Elisalex dresses so far this year and think the pattern is lovely. (Here and here)

Do you have any other ideas for spring? I need some inspiration so please share! Enjoy the sunshine (if it comes back). Zoe x


  1. Love the dresses! I'm not advanced in my sewing at all, but I want to be, so I guess I'll have to practice practice practice :) I recently made a polka dotted flower pot, you can check out my blog if you'd like to see it; for me that was a great spring project :)


    1. Thanks Camilla, your flower pot is lovely, excellent idea for something a little more hardwearing


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