Cassie's Crocheted Camera Case

Moss Stitch Crocheted Camera Case
I have mentioned to you before that my sister Cassie is a fellow crafter and today I am handing over to her so she can tell you about her latest project:

I recently crocheted myself a cover for our iPad. I'm not sure how much protection it actually offers but it looks jolly pretty. My mum seemed to think it was really funny, that something so high tech would be placed in a crocheted case. Turned out she liked it really though as last week she text me the dimensions of her new point and shoot camera asking if I would make a case for that.

Moss Stitch Crocheted Camera Case
Being much smaller than an iPad I knew it was a quick project for one evening and I decided I'd have a go at a stitch I haven't done before. It's called Moss stitch and it's super simple for anyone who has ever crocheted. You can find instructions here. I had chosen 3 colours and as I hate having to sew in lots of ends I decided to just work with the three yarns attached. I had to untwist things a couple of times! You can use as many colours as you like and fasten off at the end of each row if you choose. I added a popper to close and a button for decoration.

Moss Stitch Crocheted Camera Case
I really like the effect of the moss stitch and hope my mum does too but most importantly, I hope it fits the camera!! Cassie. xoxo

Thanks Cassie for sharing this cute case with us, and obviously it was a perfect fit for the camera. We hope to hear some more from you and your crafting soon. Zoe xx

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