White Chocolate Chip Ice-Cream (No Ice-Cream Maker Needed)

White chocolate chip icecream in a bowl with strawberries
This has to be the easiest and sweetest ice-cream recipe ever. I don't own an ice-cream maker so when I stumbled upon (aka found via pinterest) this recipe I had to try it. The recipe only uses three ingredients to make vanilla icecream but I thought it would be more fun to add in some white chocolate chips, so I also used 200g chopped white chocolate.

Ingredients for white chocolate chip icecream

If I am honest this is a little on the sweet side for me so I would probably use dark chocolate instead of white to balance it out a bit next time. That said the Husband and Kiddos loved it.

Homemade white chocolate chip icecream
Now I just need to figure out how to make other flavours with this as the basic recipe and then I will never need an ice-cream maker. Zoe xx

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