Upcycle: From a Dress to a Top

Dress and Top Fronts
This dress is one of my absolute favourites from my daughters wardrobe so when it started getting too small I was really reluctant to pass it on. I also really wanted to be able to use the fabric for another project that I am working on. I came up with a brilliant solution and I have changed it from a dress to a top and managed to cut out a 30cm square of fabric to use. I unpicked the top of the dress on the front and took out some of the multitudes of pleats, it would have been too full to work on a top any way, then I cut out the middle section of fabric, added one pleat back in and then restitched the seam I had unpicked.

Dress and Top Backs
I left all the pleats in the back, partly because it would have been much more complicated to alter this side with the button down but also because I wanted it to be a nice floaty breezy top for summer still. All I had left to do was stitch up the hem to make it the right length for a top. Then Voila:

Finished Top On

I am chuffed I have managed to keep this as an item of clothing. I think it will look adorable over some jeggings when it starts to get a little cooler too. Two of my most favourite instagrams were of my daughter in this dress (here and here) and now I get to take even more photos of her in it. Woop Woop. Zoe x


  1. Isn't she just a cutie patootie! Thanks for sharing and linking up with us this week at the #WWDParty. I hope you are enjoying the weekend.

  2. She's precious, and that is a GREAT idea. I have so many sweet dresses that my daughter has outgrown. Are you making a quilt with scraps from her outgrown clothing? Thanks again for sharing and for linking up at the Weekend Wind-Down Party with us!!! God Bless!

    1. Yes I am hoping to make a quilt with them, I haven't even come close to starting this yet though! Maybe soon.


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