English Paper Piecing

English paper piecing is a traditional technique used in patchworking, it is often used with hexagons or other isometric patterns (ones with 60 degree angles instead of 90 degrees). I am slowly working my way through a small hexie quilt for my daughter. I'd really like it to be finished before the winter so she can have an extra layer in bed when it gets colder. I thought I would share the very simple method although I am certain you can find many other tutorials for this around.

All you need is paper, fabric scraps, paper hexagons, a pin, scissors and needle and thread. The fabric needs to be cut into hexagons slightly larger than the paper. You pin a paper hexagon to the back of a fabric hexagon and then tack them together with a running stitch. Once you have two hexagons, you stitch along one edge while they're right sides together. Then you add more in using the same method. Once you've sewn enough together, you press them and cut out the paper. I haven't reached this stage yet, as you can see all my paper hexagons are still sewn in.

I have randomly chosen hexagons here but herehere and here are other examples of how you can arrange shapes and fabrics with this method. I'm looking forward to showing you the finished article. (Although this took me quite a while so I wouldn't bank on it being finished by winter.) Zoe xx

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