Marshmallow Glitzies

This is something I used to make as a child so I have no idea where the recipe comes from but I remembered it. It's very easy. I mean very very easy. 

This is what I used:
4oz marshmallows
4oz dairy toffee
4oz butter
7oz of rice crispies
1/2 tsp edible glitter (optional)
This is what I did:
Put marshmallows, toffee and butter into a pan and gently melt over a low heat stirring occasionally. When the ingredients all come together pour in all the crispies and 1/4 tsp of glitter and stir.
When it is thoroughly mixed, press into a 20x20cm tray. Sprinkle the remaining glitter over the top and cut into 16ish pieces. Refrigerate for an hour or so.
Then eat. Yum yum. Zoe x

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