Autumn and Winter Scrapbook pages

Recently a friend said to me, 'there is no point in printing photos any more, it's just as good to look at them on the computer.' I could not disagree more. I love having printed photos and I spend time looking through them on the computer to choose the best ones but I am still excited to look at them when they come in the post. I still love being able to cut them up to different sizes and put them together in albums and scrapbooks. And I still would choose to look through the photos in an album or scrapbook than on the computer any day of the week. I am by no means an expert at this so I stick to fairly traditional scrap-booking ideas but I have a few photos of some of my favourite pages for you here.

Newborn Scrapbook Pages

I am making three scrapbooks at the moment, one for each of my children. They're all still pretty young but I intend to make them as a summary of their first 18 years or so and give them as gifts for their 18th birthdays. My Mum gave a scrapbook to me when I turned 18 and it is lovely to have photos of myself when I was growing up in my own home to reminisce over and show to my children. Without the scrapboom I wouldn't have any record of it. (Now this is where my friend may have had a point, because there will be a record of my children's photos on their computers and probably on Facebook but its just not the same. Their children will need something tangible too.) I only include special photos in the scrapbooks. Either of special occasions, like being born or first Christmas, or of particularly cute photos of them.

First Christmas and Messy Boy Scrapbook Pages

I keep photos for myself in photo albums and I don't add any embellishments to them at all. I simply don't have time to make every photo I love into a scrapbook, and even if I did, then the scrapbooks wouldn't be nearly so special. If you haven't printed any photos recently, you definitely should. I think I might go and look through all my albums now! Zoe xx

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